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So, here is another quick and easy project. A bookmark made from a tag.

Materials Needed

Tag * Stamps/Ink * Markers * Letters (to spell READ) * Ribbon/Cord


I used a tase that I cut with a Graphics 45 Die (ATC tag die), you could use any tag die you have or use tags you have purchased. The first thing that I did was to blend some Blue ink all over the front of the tag. Then I stamped the flowers on the tag (used a flower stamp from AliExpress) and colored them in (markers are Caliart double tip off Amazon). I then cut out the letters R E A D and used embossing powder on them before gluing them on the tag. I added some paper cord in pink and orange and called it done!

I have the video tutorial on my FB page, you can find it here!

Below are all the steps shown to make your own Bookmark from a tag.

There you have the possibilities are endless, use any size tag, stamps of your choice, letters or no letters. My bookmark is just a starting place, an sounding board if you will. Let your creativity run wild!

And, Happy Crafting -Stephanie


Everyone Needs One

Over the weekend I started making masks, as it has been suggested that everyone in the US start wearing a mask if they are going outside. Many have already been doing this, but they are all but impossible to find right now. So, the diy-er inside me said let’s just make some.

One of my favorite craft stores: Joann Fabrics has a few different sets of instructions for making your own masks, both in PDF and video format. You can find the instructions here. You can also do a search on Youtube and I’m sure you would come up with many different options.

Anyway, I have put my paper, inks, and other supplies away for a couple of days, so that I can make a few masks for my family. I have one done, did it Sunday night while watching the TV, and this morning cut more out to be sewn.

You can see below the finished product, works out nicely!

If you decided to try to make these yourself and need help, contact me and if I can help clear up the instructions I will.

One last thought, if you do make these as a bit of added protection when you need to go out for supplies, Please do not get complacent with social distancing (these masks are part of the solution not the entire Solution) keep the suggested six foot distance from others, better yet, stay home if you can!

Stay Safe! And, Happy Crafting -Stephanie

This Week….

So, even though the craft show has been postponed it’s been a busy week here at PlayinWithPaper. I’ve completed the paper purse that I mentioned in an earlier post. And, I’ve been working on Easter treat holders for the grankids.

First the paper purse, the tutorial for the purse came from the Posh Paper Lady. You can find her on YouTube, she has some awesome things that you can make (and a lot of the tutorials are FREE!) So, without further ado here’s the purse…

Next the Easter treat holders. Last week I put a written tutorial up, here on the blog and a video over on my facebook page, for the Treat Holder. In the written instructions and the video I used a 6 x 6 square paper to make the treat holder, this makes a nice little holder great for favors or school events. For my Easter treat holders for the grankids I wanted something a bit bigger, so I used a 12 x12 square to make a considerably bigger treat holder. I took a picture of both so you could see how much bigger one made with a 12 x12 square is than the one made with a 6 x6 square.

I have a couple of these treat holders to finish and then a few Easter cards to make. I also have a few orders to complete that should keep me busy and out of trouble this week (no time to be ordering craft supplies online this week). So, until next time …..

Have a good week! And, Happy Crafting -Stephanie

Next week: Tools that really help when paper crafting and making cards. And of course, more card ideas!


Here is another super simple and really fast little project you can do, seriously, less than 5 minutes to make this treat holder.

This is what you will need for this project

1 piece of patterned paper 6 x6 or 8 x8 (the bigger the square the bigger the treat holder) Embellishments of choice

How To

Take the square piece of paper that you have, I used a 6 x 6 piece. Fold this on the diagonal as shown in the picture below, you will have a piece of folded paper the looks like a triangle

Now take one of the corners and fold over to the edge of the opposite side: shown below, then do the same with the other corner

You should now have something that looks like this

You will take the top layer of the top of the treat holder (the part that you did not fold to one side or the other) and fold it down. This holds the whole thing together, you do not need tape or glue or anything to keep the treat holder together.

Embellish and add your treats…….Your done, less that five minutes to create. This could be used for school parties, baby showers, wedding favors, birthday party favors, the options are endless!

In light of this world pandemic, we all need to find something that will help us calm our minds even if for a few minutes. Maybe crafting, maybe something else. Either way, I will continue to post little projects for you. Until next time…

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay in…. Happy Crafting -Stephanie

PS: There is a video for this project on the FB page: @playinwithpaper, and I have also added some new pictures to the gallery here on the blog -hop on over and take a look

Wedding Album

I’ve been working on an album to give as a wedding gift. I’ve finally got the papers on the front and back covers and the from decorated. The album measures 9 x10 and has four interactive pages. This is enough room for about 50 to 60 pictures (give or take). Anyway, below you can see a picture of the front cover. I will be posting a short video on my Facebook page: PlayinWithPaper that will show how the pages work.

Until next time stay safe and happy crafting -Stephanie


Last night I made some hand sanitizer since there is none to be found in stores, and my mom and hubby are still working outside the home. So….. if you are having the same problem and can’t find what you need, here is a recipe for homemade hand sanitizer.

What You Need

Aloe Vera “GEL” the kind that says 99% pure, it very thick and clear or green Rubbing Alcohol 70 to 90% it will say on the label the % Essential Oil if you have one, it will work without, it will just smell like alcohol


Mix: 2/3 cup Alcohol with 1/3 cup of Aloe Gel add about 10 drops of your Essential Oil (if using) then put this in a squeeze bottle.

That’s it! Stay safe -Stephanie

Shop Now Live

Hey Everyone I have been so busy trying to get product made for the craft bazaar that I will be attending in April that I have been slacking on posting to the blog. SORRY!

So, this is what I have been up to. I have been in the process of not only making more cards, but I have been putting together a couple of mini albums (working on my first 5×7 album). A wedding gift is in the making and I have a couple of orders that I am trying to fill . I am also just about finished with my first paper purse. That’s right guys, a paper purse that can actually be carried as a PURSE! Right, I know exciting! Of course you have to keep it out of the elements, but you will be carrying a One-of-a-Kind purse when you’re out hitting the town!! I will post pics of the purse once it is finished -stay tuned.

I have also added a page to the blog Shop“. Yep, you can now order cards, I have added a few cards and will be adding more during the week. I will also be adding a few of my other finished projects as they are completed. Come back often it’s an exciting time here at PlayinWithPaper!

Stay safe and take care in this crazy time!! And, as always, Happy Crafting -Stephanie

TeePee card How-to

I know I promised this a while back but, the tutorial is finally here!

What you will need:

1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 card stock for the base of the card 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 patterned scrapbook paper for the mats Embellishments of your choice 1 set of velcro dots

First let’s cut the papers, the plain cardstock first. Cut 3 squares 4 x 4 inches. Then cut the patterned paper 2 squares 3 7/8 x 3 7/8 (then cut these on the diagonal). That’s all the cutting you will need to do. Let’s put this together.

Take the 3 plain squares that you cut and fold them on the diagonal. We will be gluing these pieces together. Look at the picture below this will give you an idea of how the folds need to be arranged for this to fold into a teepee.

Ok, run glue along on side of the square, this will be place on the fold of one of the other pieces (secure this, then add glue to the remaining part that touches the other piece *if you glue the entire square you will have glue where you do not want it* you will know what I mean once you place the first piece). Then repeat with the other square that you have left. Now you should have something that looks like the picture above. We will place the velcro dot next (I put both pieces of the velcro together to do this), the dot goes on the point of either side it does not matter which side as you will see when you fold the card (it just has to go on the point). Next fold your card so that you can adhere the other side of the dot (push firmly to get a good stick). You should now have your teepee.

On to the matting of each side. Take the three patterned pieces you cut earlier. I used tape for this but you can use glue ( I am a bit heavy handed with the glue, so tape for me). Once you have your adhesive on the first piece place it on one of the triangles (I do this while the card is still folded in the teepee position, you can unfold if it is easier -just remember that when you are placing the other two mats do not mat the side that has the velcro in the middle, mat the side where the velcro is on the point). Once you have placed the first patterned mat go ahead and do the other two sides. The card is now finished except for embellishing.

As you can see I made this card for Easter. So, I used some Easter stickers that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I used both flat stickers and some 3D chipboard stickers to give it a little more character or bling if you will.

Once the card has been embellished you’re finished. These cards go together pretty quick, start to finish! The card can be folded and will fit in an envelope for mailing.

a video tutorial is available on my facebook page, just follow this link

As Always, Happy Crafting Stephanie

Coloring with Alcohol Markers

I’ve been working on cards for the craft bazaar coming up in April. This week I decided to try some coloring with alcohol markers. I have the Caliart markers, I bought them off Amazon (of course, I think I may have an Amazon problem!) 40 markers were less than 20 bucks when I bought mine. Anyway, I usually use colored pencil because I feel you have more control, but I really like the way all those lovely cards look that are colored with markers. So….I thought I would give it a try.

this is what I ended up with

I am pretty happy with the way the markers colored, the colors are nice and vivid and it was not to hard to stay in within the stamped image as the markers did not bleed on the paper. If you are wanting to try your hand at coloring whether it’s coloring to relax or coloring a stamped imaged I think you would like these markers they are not very expensive and they do a decent job.

I will be using the dies that came with the stamps to cut these images out and then I will use them to make a few birthday cards that I will be taking to the bazaar.

Mark your calendars and if you are in the area make plans to come out and visit my booth.

Happy Crafting, Stephanie

Stampin Up

The Stampin Up page has been update, with my demonstrator information. If you would like to shop for product or supplies and need a demonstrator please follow the link and use my Demo ID number. If you have any questions feel free to contact me:

Happy Crafting! Stephanie